Electrical Installation


Fail Safe  provides installation services to all customers. Great care is taken to avoid unnecessary disturbance of your staff and premises. Work is carried out quickly and professionally.


Fixed Wire Testing

Electrical compliance, inspection and testing in Cornwall

Fail Safe is a leading provider of fixed wire testing and emergency systems testing in Cornwall. Using the very latest technology, including thermal imaging, Fail Safe has the certification and experience to deliver a non-disruptive service.Our engineers are experienced throughout all sectors, we can combine inspections on Fixed wire, fire alarms and emergency lighting this ensuring minimal disruption. 


Emergency Systems

BS 5266-1: 2016 sets out the minimum standards of emergency lighting required in all types of business premises, including those designated for public use. Inadequate emergency lighting jeopardises the safety of building occupants in an evacuation situation, in the event of mains power failure. To ensure compliance, businesses are required to follow monthly and annual maintenance, servicing and testing schedules. Similarly, fire alarms must be routinely tested, to ensure its operation in the event of an emergency.